Terms of Consumption

Initiated in 2020, Terms of Consumption reviews and revises Irish cultural identity through contemporary visual arts practices that in turn engage in conversations around food histories and culture. This practice-based research project is interested in the elements that make up a culture, how it is made, developed, following its constant adaptation and flux, responding to the perpetual shifts in the social, environmental, and political landscapes of modern Ireland, using the visual arts as a means of mediating and translating cultural heritage and nurturing conversations around contemporary Irish identity.


The project is realised through curatorship, commissions, cooking, image-making and collecting, and an experimental communion of all of the above, with annual public output. Though the outcome focuses on Ireland, the research and context is global.


In 2021, when the project began, it took the shape of a number of artistic commissions, with support from PhotoIreland Festival. 2022 and 2023 will see a series of commissions, titled The Collectors, funded by the Arts Council of Ireland's Visual Arts Project Award.


The research is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland through the Visual Arts Bursary in the years 2021 and 2022.


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